Delta Fire 2018/Lakehead, CA
Firefighters Property Protection
Modoc property
$5k per acre - Modoc Co
Container house construction
Container Construction
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defensible space

Living Room In A Cabin for $125K

mountai cabin
Defensible Space

About MSP 

Mountain Scout was created from passion for the mountains and my inner drive to help everyone achieve their dream of mountain ownership!

My desire for the mountains all started deep in the woods of Northern California when I lived off-the-grid as a child and teenager. As years went on, I earned a successful career as an Executive Chef, got married, and raised a wonderful family. We exposed our kids to as much of the great outdoors as possible while living in the Sacramento area. In 2002 we bought a piece of land and built a tiny rustic cabin in remote Trinity County, again off-the-grid. Rustic yes, but very rewarding to have a little place in the woods. Although, we have since upgraded to more square footage and acreage, spending time together learning, working and playing in the mountains on our own land still continues to be a life long bonding activity of our family and friends. 


I have attained my dream. Having real life mountain experience and the knowledge of many areas from years of scouting, I will help you attain your dream. As a real estate agent with this knowledge and skill, I can provide you with the comfort that you have chosen the right person to represent you when buying in the Northern California mountains.   




"Fresh mountain spring water is California liquid gold!"